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Raising the bar on your life: Living in a mindset of growth

health and wellness Jul 01, 2022

We all have an inner voice and belief system that guides us. As humans living in an imperfect world, it is inevitable that each of us has work to do to understand our complexities and address our biases, preconceived notions, and insecurities… the list goes on and on. Who we are and how we are wired - combined with individual experiences throughout life - form our own personal lens through which we see the world: our mindset. 

Whether you faced ridicule as a child about your weight, were raised in a community where you were constantly subjected to the opinions and judgments of others, or struggled with negative self-talk, we all have something to work on. This brings me to an important question that we should all spend some time reflecting on: do you currently have a growth or fixed mindset? 

What is the difference between a growth vs. a fixed mindset?  

While I am sure we all have had a touch of both (and it can fluctuate over time if we don’t keep it in check), it’s important to understand the difference between these two contrasting views on life. 

Someone with a growth mindset sees the possibilities, strives to learn and improve, perseveres in the face of failure, learns from their mistakes, and accepts criticism. Since they are not bogged down with insecurities stemming from pride and are open to the world around them, it’s a freeing mindset. People with this mindset are more likely to achieve their goals, whatever they may be. 

On the flip side, someone with a fixed mindset is typically limited by fears, stale beliefs, and preconceived notions. They are threatened by others and, as a result, avoid challenges and ignore constructive criticism. They care deeply about how people perceive them and what they will look like if they fail, which holds them back from living the lives they really want. 

How mindset impacts behavior 

Our minds and bodies are intimately connected, which is why intention and mindset are everything when it comes to changing your health. You can’t make big and lasting changes to your body unless you change your mind. 

 As a health coach, clients often come to me with a diverse array of goals. I help them to take actionable steps to achieve those goals. Before we can make progress and implement sustainable behaviors that will change their lives, they first have to have the right mindset to commit to this journey. Until you have a mindset of growth and truly believe in yourself, what you can do and the possibilities around you are limited.  

How do I develop a growth mindset? 

Self-awareness is key, and in a world with constant distractions, it can be hard to be in touch with who you really are and the reasons behind your thoughts and actions. Here are 6 key strategies to help you break through the barriers of your inner self and begin to make changes from within: 

Think on a continuum 

  • Consider a choice that you have to regularly make
  • Write out or draw your continuum of options
  • Complete the All-or-None Worksheet

Be self-compassionate 

  • Clean the slate after a difficult moment 
  • Remind yourself each morning that you are not alone
  • Place a sticky note on your mirror: “Progress, not perfection” 

Identify bright spots 

  • Write down a daily win 
  • Notice 1% improvement
  • Notice your strengths 

Focus on effort over results 

  • Keep an effort log 
  • Define what “trying” looks like
  • Notice impatience and redirect 

Seek out challenges 

  • Use a “challenge of the day” 
  • Identify your challenge zone
  • Reframe obstacles as challenges 

Embrace and analyze “failure” 

  • Aim for 100 fails 
  • Do an end of week review
  • Find a takeaway in a failure

It’s never too late to improve

When we entered this world, each of us began a lifelong journey of discovery and self-improvement. We all have different life experiences and challenges out of our control. What matters is how we face them. This universe is abundant, and the possibilities are endless, so why limit yourself with a poor mindset? 

When it comes to coaching, I take a behavior-first approach to help people realize their full potential and achieve their health and lifestyle goals. In order to achieve their goals, it’s important for individuals who enter into a coaching relationship to adopt a growth mindset or take the right steps to open their minds to improve. Ready to get started? Book a free discovery call today

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