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Comparing coaching methods: What service is best for you?

services Oct 01, 2022


The terms fitness coach, health coach, personal trainer, wellness coach, and even "coach" are common titles often thrown around interchangeably, making it difficult for people to know which service they need - and often what's legit. As a health, fitness, and nutrition coach, I see this all the time. 

People know they want to feel better and be healthier but don't know where to turn or what they need. These days, there's so much information online. So, if you just need some workouts and meal plans, have at it - Google away. But, if you need something a little more - a coach, a mentor, nutrition specific to YOU, exercise tailored for your lifestyle, motivation, analytics, and tracking, then maybe a coach is right for you. ⁠

The pandemic has made remote platforms even more common, and this is a big win for the fitness and wellness industry (and you!), giving people anywhere access to world-class coaching options and expertise. To simplify things, the three services I offer are: 

  1. In-Person coaching - in-person training sessions + remote coaching + health and wellness coaching
  2. Remote coaching - personalized fitness programming + nutrition coaching + lifestyle coaching
  3. Health and Wellness coaching - nutrition/lifestyle/goal setting/sleep/stress management/behavior change coaching

There are some distinct perks to both in-person and remote coaching. Health and Wellness coaching is also better for some than fitness coaching. The key is to identify what's right for you. Let's dive in! 

Remote vs. in-person coaching 

Deciding on in-person vs. remote coaching depends on your personal preferences and needs. If you live in a remote area with limited resources, are a busy parent, or work full-time, and the thought of starting or ending your day at a gym doesn't sound appealing, remote coaching might be right for you. You do remote coaching on your own at your house or local gym. Remote coaching is more than just a series of workouts. Remote coaching is a fitness program built specifically for your goals, for you to complete when and where is convenient for you. If you struggle with daily habits, keep reading - Health and Wellness Coaching might be for you. 

In-person coaching, we would meet up in person. 

One common misconception about remote coaching is that it is less personalized or motivating than face-to-face interaction. This is simply not the case! I dedicate the same level of customized programming and one-on-one attention to each client, whether the session is remote or in-person. Not having to fight traffic to make it to a session sometimes allows clients to be more focused and motivated. Of course, we also do still get facetime via our remote check-ins. 

Some clients thrive off of in-person coaching. They like to physically be in the room with me and enjoy having a place to go outside of their homes. For those in the Atlanta area, one additional benefit that we can offer is an InBody test and Body Composition Analysis. It's a non-invasive test that provides a detailed breakdown of weight in terms of muscle, fat, and water. It allows for more precision and actionable objectives as we address the client's health and fitness goals. 

With in-person and remote coaching, clients receive: 

  • 1-1 habit-based and personalized nutrition, lifestyle, and behavior coaching 
  • Unlimited remote/at-home workouts created explicitly for the client and their goals 
  • 30 min check-in and re-consultation with your fitness coach every four weeks (monthly) 
  • A convenient mobile app for increased accountability and progress tracking
  • A personalized sleep, stress management, and recovery plan
  • InBody Test and Body Composition Analysis (for those in the Atlanta area) 

In addition, with in-person sessions, clients also receive 1-1 personal training sessions with your professional fitness coach (in-person or via Zoom, per client preference). Remote clients get fitness programming tailored to their needs. 

Health and Wellness Coaching 

To put it bluntly, if your lifestyle, nutrition, and behaviors are out of whack (no shame - we've all been there: you are best served with Health and Wellness Coaching. When we try to create a habit or lifestyle change, we often think, "What can I do on my best day?" This mindset causes us to create a habit that is often too challenging, which leads to unsustainability. Think about it - is it realistic to ask yourself to perform at your best every day? Probably not - especially if you are just starting! So, when my clients are beginning, I ask them, "What can you do on your worst day?" Ask yourself that and see how your mindset changes and your habits form. ⁠Through health and wellness coaching, clients meet with me every two weeks for 30 minutes. Here is an overview of what is offered: 

  • 1-1 habit-based and personalized nutrition, lifestyle, and behavior coaching 
  • 30 min check-in and re-consultation with your coach every two weeks. 
  • A customized sleep, stress management, and recovery plan
  • InBody Test and Body Composition Analysis (for those in the Atlanta area) 

My approach (no matter the method) 

No matter where or how we work together, I take a personalized and habit-based approach with all my coaching. I encourage my clients to set behavior vs. outcome goals which means we focus more on what we can control vs. what we can't. Actions and behaviors are within a client's control and will move a client closer to their goals, but many factors play into specific outcomes. 

An example would be setting a goal to exercise or be active several times a week vs. developing a plan to "lose 10 lbs." We can influence our behaviors through mindset, goal setting and habit formation. Several factors like genetics, hormones, muscle gain, plateaus, and others make it impossible for clients to control precisely how much weight they lose. When goal setting with my clients, I encourage them to focus on setting "complete goals" with the following characteristics:  

  • The goal is clear and has a precisely defined vision of the future
  • The goal is rooted in the client's deeper values
  • It approaches what the client wants more of rather than avoiding what the client wants less of
  • Includes some type of progress metric(s)
  • Follows a regular schedule of progress assessments
  • Is not within the client's direct control

I meet clients where they are

My philosophy is to meet clients where they are. Just like it's essential to customize coaching methods to address specific client needs, identifying the correct type of coaching for that individual is a critical step. For clients unsure of their needs, I am always happy to schedule a free consultation to discuss my methods in more detail and find what is right for you. Remember, the first step in getting where you want to be is to start! 

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